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E Cigarette Very Simple Device In Functionality

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E Cigarettes are becoming more and more popular but are still a mystery to many smokers and non-smokers who may take the “e” to mean they are virtual cigarettes—not quite. Before moving into the technicalities of how an e cigarette works, it is helpful to first understand what an E-Cigarette is. The E Cigarette (or E Cig to some) is an alternative to the conventional tobacco burning cigarette to provide smokers with the “smoking experience” but without the harmful effects of the tobacco. E Cigs do still contain nicotine which is converted to a vapour acting as the smoke to which smokers are accustomed.

These electronic cigarette are not a smoking cessation tool since the smoker is still inhaling nicotine, but they do offer an alternative that contains no tobacco and limits—perhaps eliminating—the issue of second-hand smoke. One of the more favored benefits of E-Cigs is that smokers do not have to worry about the smoky smell on clothing, hair and skin. No one smells anything, which also means smokers can more liberally smoke in closed quarters like the car and at home which is a particular advantage in poorer weather.

How does and E Cigarette Work Exactly?

E Cigarettes look very much like a conventional cigarette, though there are some less discreet E Cigs that smokers may find more stylish and fashionable. The E Cig is a small tube about the size of a cigarette that contains a light on the end. This cigarette-sized tube contains a rechargeable battery, a nicotine cartridge and an atomizer that converts the nicotine to the vapour. When the smoker inhales (or “draws in”), the E Cig automatically turns on by an activated switch which essentially heats up and produces the smoky vapour. This electronic cigarette automatically turns off when the smoker stops inhaling.

The amount of nicotine in the cartridge can vary from none to a high dosage. E Cig smokers are often able to regulate the nicotine dosage themselves, or simply purchase the E Cigarettes at their desired nicotine level—none, low, medium and high. Reiterating that electronic cigarettes are not necessarily smoking cessation tools, this feature of reducing nicotine levels is obviously beneficial to smoker who desire to lessen or end their nicotine addiction.

E Cigarettes are in appearance quite similar to conventional cigarettes, one pro for smokers who want to switch. There are some obvious differences, though, which some smokers may view as cons. An E Cigarette does require some advanced planning since you must ensure the battery is charged. But this should not be a significant hindrance since chargers can plug into a regular house outlet along with portable charges for the car. Of course, E Cig smokers can always carry a back-up charger. This difference alone between E Cigs and tobacco containing cigarettes is really quite worth the adjustment to lessen the risks associated with tobacco consumption.
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June 9, 2011 at 4:54 am

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Do E Cigarettes help in quit smoking

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Whether or not E Cigarettes can help someone quit smoking is really a sensitive topic, thanks to regulatory and medicinal law. I suppose the regulatory agencies monitoring this growing market intend to still leave it to the consumer to decide as many have already done by default—or at least this appears to be the case. The electronic cigarette (E Cig) is not a smoking cessation device but rather intended to be an alternative to smoking conventional tobacco-containing cigarettes.

Electronic cigarette are still fairly new to the market meaning research is still preliminary as far as its use as a tool to help with smoking cessation as it has not yet been technically proven. Despite this, we can without restraint highlight the many differences between conventional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes that are affirmed with attention specifically on harm reduction and nicotine levels.

Harm Reduction

Concluded to date is that E Cigarette do reduce the harm and risk associated with conventional cigarettes, if anything, by their lack of tobacco. Conventional cigarettes are known to contain thousands of chemicals, tar and tobacco the latter of which has been and continues to be a major cause of serious diseases and deaths worldwide. E-Cigarettes reduce a smoker’s exposure to these substances thereby reducing risk associated with their consumption via normal cigarettes.

Not only is the smoker’s harm and risk lowered by use of an electronic cigarette but also everyone in the vicinity. Second-hand smoke has definitely played its role in the tobacco industry battles surrounding conventional cigarettes, and for just cause. The smoke given off by regular cigarettes contains the tobacco not found in E-Cigarettes. The harm reduction offered by the elimination of tobacco, in and of itself, definitely places E-Cigarettes as the lesser of the two evils.

Nicotine Levels

It is no secret that nicotine’s addictive properties are the major reason most smokers find it so difficult to quit. There may be a few smokers who continue for the social side of it but the majority of smokers are slaves to the nicotine contained in the cigarettes. Both regular and electric cigarettes contain nicotine but the advantage of E-Cigarettes is the ability to adjust nicotine levels to high, medium, low or none. Reiterating that the E Cigarette has not yet been officially approved as a smoking cessation device, a smoker is able to gradually reduce the nicotine level in the refill cartridges until eventually reaching none. This could obviously be a huge part of a plan to stop smoking.

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Comparision Between Electronic Cigarettes and Normal Tobacco Cigarettes

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Electronic cigarettes are becoming increasingly more popular as an alternative to traditional cigarettes, which is exactly the purpose of e-cigarettes. Long-time smokers are making the switch to e cigarette for reasons primarily pertaining to health, public smoking and cost. In lieu of the rising trend of e-cigarettes, here is a brief comparison between the electronic cigarette and the normal tobacco cigarettes.

First, perhaps the most significant difference between the two is that E Cig are tobacco-free whereas conventional cigarettes are not. The latter is known to contain and emit thousands of chemicals and harmful substances when burned. The lack of tobacco in the E Cigarette (also known as E Cig) lessens much of the risk associated with tobacco, such as cancer, heart issues and lung diseases.

Conventional and electronic cigarettes are similar in that both contain nicotine but the similarities end there, as the composition and handling of the nicotine by both cigarettes do differ. E-cigarettes are designed so that liquid nicotine is contained within a small cartridge. Users can purchase refill cartridges that come in dosage levels of none, low, medium and high with the highest level generally equivalent to that of a conventional cigarette. On the contrary, conventional cigarettes contain nicotine within the make-up of the cigarette itself which is actually smoked and released when lit and burned. The benefit to the E-Cigarette in this regard is fairly obvious since the cartridges permit the nicotine levels to be adjusted rather easily.

Third, a comparison of conventional cigarettes and Electronic Cigarette can certainly not be complete without discussing second-hand smoke as this is a noteworthy difference. With conventional cigarettes, those around the smoker are (unwillingly) exposed and forced to inhale smoke produced from the cigarette as it is burned. This second-hand smoke is a result of the burning of the tobacco and related harmful chemicals which can cause cancer and other serious health problems. E-Cigarettes, on the other hand, eliminate the problem of second-hand smoke not only because they are tobacco-free but also because they are not burned putting out only a slight scented vapour.

Besides the three major differences above, the E-Cigarette also differs from conventional cigarettes in other ways, some of which include:

1) No smoky smell on clothes, furniture, skin, hair, etc.
2) Can harmlessly smoke inside
3) Can legally smoke in public venues prohibiting conventional cigarettes
4) No burning or risk of fire
5) Cost is generally less, particularly in the long-run
6) No cigarette butts or ash trays
7) No bad breath or stained teeth

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Choosing The Right E Cigarette

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Electronic Cigarette are making quite a ripple if not a wave in the tobacco industry with many different brands, companies and deals available today from which to choose. In just a few years, the E-Cig market is showing potential for the trend toward electronic cigarettes to continue on with its popularity. As with any industry and product, there is some degree of caveat emptor to be taken into account—and the same is true with electronic cigarettes. Choosing the right company is perhaps the most important step to ensure a positive “vapour” experience, to use the newly coined word for using e-Cigs.

Perform a search on the web for e cigarette and you will find a slew of electronic cigarette companies but it is unfortunate that most are only after your money—the cheaper their E-Cig is on their end, the more profit they make. Big mistake for any E-Cig user and, especially so for those new to this smoking alternative.

If you have reached the stage of shopping for an electronic cigarette, you are certainly at a good place as they are less harmful than the tobacco-filled conventional cigarettes. Now, you must find a the right E Cigarette brand along with a reliable company with a strong track record, good customer service, and quality products and accessories. You want to find a company like SteamLite which is leading the way in E-Cigarettes in supplying customers with this innovative technology in a shopper-friendly online store –

SteamLite knows E-Cigarettes. Its team knows that E-Cigarettes differ in quality, function, design and success as a smoking alternative. With its goal to provide smokers a healthier option to smoking, it products are carefully selected and monitored to ensure an enjoyable experience with its electronic cigarettes. This is good business anyways—a low quality electronic cigarette certainly doesn’t help attract and retain customers. Perhaps this is why SteamLite is finding success in the industry as it is. Customers are seeing the benefits and difference with SteamLite E-Cigarettes as compared to other brands.

Choosing the right E Cig is essential to reaping all of the benefits of this device. SteamLite is the best choice to do just that, allowing you to “vapour” with the highest of quality but at an affordable cost. One of the noted advantages to the E-Cigarette is its lower cost when compared to conventional cigarettes. Be sure to not cheat yourself and make the switch the right way!

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Benefits Of Using An E Cigarette

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Consumers are definitely not lacking in negative information about cigarettes. Their harm is no big secret with the tobacco industry fighting its way through the bombardment of attacks about the risk involved with smoking traditional cigarettes. The unfortunate part of this scenario is that the traditional cigarette does come with serious risk and harmful substances—namely tobacco—that lead to cancer, heart diseases, respiratory problems and many other serious medical problems. Even worse is that millions of individuals have died from conventional cigarettes.

In the past few years, the electronic cigarette has entered the scene as an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes at the root of the problems above. This battery-powered device is not to be considered as a smoking cessation tool but is perhaps one of the best alternatives to conventional cigarettes. Here we highlight some of the more distinctly noted benefits of an electronic cigarette, starting with health.

Harm Reduction

Conventional cigarettes contain tobacco and thousands of harmful chemicals that are inhaled by the smoker and those around the smoker. Tobacco is given off as the smoker puffs and the cigarette is burned. There is no way around it—this is how conventional cigarettes are designed. They are doing exactly as the tobacco industry intends despite the severe adverse effects it has had on millions around the world. Electronic cigarettes, however, do not contain tobacco. This is part of their design—to be tobacco-free. This aspect alone significantly reduces the harm associated of smoking when E Cigarette are the choice.

Another component of cigarettes to consider is nicotine which is, actually, found in both conventional and electronic cigarettes. E Cig still offer a benefit in regard to nicotine in that the nicotine cartridge refills come in dosage levels of high, medium, low and none. This allows the user to freely and with ease choose an appropriate level of nicotine to lessen the associated risk. This feature also permits smokers to gradually reduce their nicotine dosage should they desire to wean off it which is known to be quite challenging with conventional cigarettes due to the addictiveness of nicotine.


Money, money, money—a factor in so many different products and no different with smoking. A benefit to electronic cigarettes is the reduce cost, particularly adding up throughout the years. Smoking is expensive especially with tax on tobacco products today. You escape this with the E Cig and also save money by only needing to purchase refill cartridges rather than pack after pack of tobacco cigarettes that last for only a brief time. It’s like throwing money down the drain.

Avoid Smoking Law

Finally, because E-Cigs do not contain tobacco, smokers are finding that the E Cigarette is one way to overcome the ban on smoking in public places. Smokers can now get the smoking experience inside and without worry about second-hand smoke bothering those around them. Electronic cigarettes are legally permitted in public venues—quite a bonus to this smoking alternative.

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Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

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For some, the safety behind electronic cigarettes (or “E-Cigarettes”) is about perspective—how safe are conventional cigarettes? Some question the safety of E Cigarette, but one must think about the millions of deaths caused by the tobacco in cigarettes. When put in that perspective asking whether or not E Cigarettes are safe almost seems like a silly question since they contain no tobacco. Despite this, we will still take a closer look here at the safety of E Cigs in evaluation of whether or not they truly are a viable alternative to conventional cigarettes.

Tobacco and Nicotine

The two most harmful substances in conventional cigarettes are tobacco and nicotine. An Electronic Cigarette contains no tobacco making them far safer than conventional cigarettes. As for nicotine, electronic cigarettes offer smokers the opportunity to adjust nicotine levels with different cartridges. Of course, E Cig users must be responsible in ensuring their cartridges and refill cartridges contain a safe and appropriate level of nicotine. Too much nicotine through any smoking method (conventional or electronic) carries risk and possible adverse effects.

Smoking Cessation vs. Smoking Alternative

There has been some controversy with the FDA which is one of the most common arguments against the safety of the electronic cigarette. After some testing and attempted blocking by the FDA, efforts to stop E Cig importation have ended since they are now correctly considered to be an alternative to cigarettes rather than a smoking cessation device. This is an important distinction for users to understand when it comes to electronic cigarettes.

Users should not rely on E-Cigarettes as a method to stop smoking as they do contain nicotine. However, they can appropriately be used as an alternative to smoking. They allow smokers to get the “smoking experience” without the harmful effects of tobacco found in conventional cigarettes. With millions of deaths resulting from tobacco, E-Cigarettes are much better alternative to the tobacco-containing cigarettes pushed for years by the tobacco industry.

Second-Hand Smoke

Discussing the safety of any type of cigarette is incomplete without addressing the issue of second-hand smoke. Smoking puts not only the smoker at risk for health problems but also those around them inhaling the second hand smoke which, in conventional cigarettes, contains tobacco. The E Cigarette is a much safer alternative to conventional cigarettes in that this dangerous second-hand smoke is eliminated. Unlike conventional cigarettes, the E-Cig only contains nicotine and not the hundreds of other harmful substances in tobacco putting not only the smoker in harms-way but also others.

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Are E Cigarettes Legal?

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The short answer is yes, E-Cigarettes are legal in the UK. In fact, they are becoming more popular because they are legal to smoke inside bars not to mention cheaper. The electronic cigarette (“E-Cig”) is one way smokers are evading the ban on smoking in public places since they do not emit harmful second-hand smoke like conventional cigarettes. However, the legality of the E Cigarette is not so clear cut throughout the world.

The popularity behind electronic cigarette largely stems from the similar appearance, taste and feel of the conventional cigarette but without containing tobacco and related harmful substances. A factor in its legality is that smokers can get the smoking experience and nicotine without exposing anyone, including themselves, to the harmful chemicals of second-hand smoke from conventional cigarettes. Because they are tobacco-free, E-Cigarettes can be legally smoked in public venues where conventional cigarettes may not.

Another important legal aspect of the E Cigarette is its proper designation as an alternative to smoking and not a smoking cessation device. This is largely a matter of regulation by various organizations, including the World Health Organization which has not yet approved e-Cigarettes as “nicotine replacement therapy” due to lack of clinical testing. Introduced in 2004, electronic cigarettes are used by thousands in Europe and other regions who appreciate the alternative to smoking conventional cigarettes.

One of the primary differences between conventional cigarettes and the electronic cigarettes is that the E Cigarette allows users to enjoy the behavioral aspect of smoking (social factors, puffing, etc.) but without exposure to tobacco. Technology involving e-Cigarettes continues to advance making it even more satisfying a smoking alternative and legal in the UK and many other regions around the world. Electronic cigarettes have developed throughout the years so that they presently overcome the legal obstacles surrounding conventional cigarettes.

Still fairly new to the market, the legality of the E Cig could change as regulation and medicinal trappings evolve; but, to date, it is legal to purchase and sell electronic cigarettes in the UK. They offer a feasible alternative to overcome the ban on smoking tobacco-containing cigarettes in public places. Of course, not to be overlooked is the fact that electronic cigarettes are tobacco-free and therefore eliminate some of the adverse effects of conventional cigarettes. With this in mind, the legality of the e cigarette could prove to be a non-issue in other parts of the world as the market grows and they become more popular as a smoking alternative.

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