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How Do E Cigarette Work

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Most of the people ask a few common questions when they see someone using e cigarette, a few of them may be “how do e cigarettes work?” Then most popularly asked is “do they include nicotine like a real cigarette?” I thought I would be valuable to publish on the internet in shape of frequently asked questions and answers

The answer to second question is shorter so I will response it first:

Do electronic cigarette deliver nicotine?

Yes. The refill cartridges may contain nicotine in different levels (zero, reduced, medium and large). It’s a common observation that they can deliver about the same quantity of nicotine as a normal cigarette. And practically even the Zero Nicotine can have a minor percentage. Although some suppliers provide cartridges with no nicotine but the smokers don’t like total absence of it so suppliers have to adjust themselves to suit customers.

Now let’s come to the first question:

How do electronic cigarettes function?

An atomizer, a battery and a nicotine cartridge are the key components of almost all brand names of e cigarettes.

For their strong and compact feature lithium batteries are typically used. To show the glowing effect of flame they may have a bit of circuitry to make it a regular cigarette.

The cartridges are available in variety of levels of nicotine (zero, very low, medium, high) and flavors (cherry, vanilla, tobacco, menthol, Champaign and so on). The nicotine cartridge is a combination of eliquid solution reservoir and a mouth piece.

Propylene glycol, a substance used in meals, cosmetics, toothpastes, medicines many others is the key ingredient, is mixed with water to form e liquids in the cartridge. The only other components contain some nicotine of program and flavoring.

When someone takes a puff of e cig, the atomizer activates. The atomizer is a two part device.

First is a metal “wicking” mechanism, wick comes into contact with the liquid nicotine solution in the solution cartridge and flows a small quantity of eliquid down to the second part of the atomizer “filament” a heating element.

The filament is a small coil of higher resistance wire that gets sizzling and vaporizes the e liquid flowing to it. These vapors are what we take to our lungs while smoking.

Hope this explains “How do e cigarette work?” Being the most relevant and brief information on the topic please feel free to refer someone asking you.

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June 16, 2011 at 7:03 am

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