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Electronic Cigarette – Eliquid Makes It Unique

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E cigarette exactly look like any common cigarette when you first time have a look at it. When someone takes a puff, a light starts glowing at the end of white tube making it similar to regular cigarette. And when you exhale white vapor arrives out of your mouth and to any other outsider it would seem to be like you are employing tobacco a cigarette. Actually white-colored fumes contains absolutely no burning tobacco or flame within your device, only the eliquid, perhaps it is the major reason most of smokers converting to smoke Nicotine free. Electronic cigarettes have seen a great deal of media recognition lately after the Kate Moss and Johnny Depp used it in a movie. Most of people hating cigarettes are looking forward to this recently promoted product.

The factor that making it so popular is it’s availability in more than 30 different flavours rather than the price which is 10 times cheaper or the absence of unhealthy chemicals in smoke. You have the option to choose from champagne, coffee and tea to fruits like apple cherry or water melon there’s a good new for brand lovers of regular cigarettes; it’s available in Marlboro, Silk cut or Menthol.

You don’t need to absorb nicotine equivalent to eight hundred regular cigarettes, they are contained in a small eliquid’s bottle of 20ml, and amazingly the price is so low that you can buy one cartridge for less than 10 Pounds. So in terms of cost the price comes out to be very little as compare to the price of 800 tobacco cigarettes. Get nicotine free as compare to 24mg from regular cigarettes, so you can comfortably maintain your nicotine absorption.

We can say that it’s the eliquid which has made this product to be so popular amongst tobacco smokers. Although people like them because of the nicotine free fumes but it is also available in varying nicotine strength and this option is available in all the 30 flavours. Cost wise the e cig is cheaper 100 times than using any tobacco cigarette and this fact proves that it’s the cheaper option. Don’t wait, go ahead and check out the results. Enjoy the electronic cigarette right away!

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June 14, 2011 at 11:13 am

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