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What is an Electronic Cigarette?

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Smokers and non-smokers alike know the dangers of smoking, but smokers are those who truly understand how difficult it can be to quit even when the desire is there. Among the latest tools to help replace cigarettes and reduce the harmful effects from cigarettes is the E cigarette. Although not to be used solely as a smoking-cessation tool, the E cigarette is an alternative available to those addicted to nicotine through conventional cigarettes. The nicotine, tobacco, tar and smoke are all dangerous to the smoker’s health and the health of others, not to mention the effects on overall quality of life.

Nicotine is known to be one of the most addictive substances which is why so many smokers struggle with quitting time and time again. The rate of relapse is unfortunately quite high as is the ease of getting addicted, sometimes only after just a few cigarettes. Knowing the health risks of smoking all too often is not enough to push a smoker into quitting so they continue to succumb to this addiction. That’s where the E cigarette comes in. Sometimes referred to as an e cig, the electronic cigarette is a healthier option to traditional smoking.

With SteamLite e cigarettes, smokers can enjoy the smoking experience without being exposed to the burning tobacco and tar. The electronic cigarette offers the same look, feel and taste of a conventional cigarette but without many of the disadvantages and negative aspects of tobacco smoking products namely cigarettes. There are several benefits of turning to the electronic cigarette as a smoking choice. Some advantages to e cigarettes include its simplicity to use, reduced cost in comparison to conventional cigarettes, no smoky smell on hair, skin and clothing, and elimination of the need to go outside to smoke—especially beneficial in colder weather.

Unlike cigarettes, the E cig does not need ignition for every use. It “lights up” as soon as turned on and switches off automatically. This innovative smoking alternative is powered by what is called an atomiser that heats up as soon as the smoker inhales on the E cigarette. Besides this atomiser, the Steam-Lite E cig also contains a smart chip controller, built-in lithium battery and a nicotine cartridge as is standard in electronic cigarettes. By way of the heated atomiser, the liquid nicotine contained within this cartridge is converted into a vapour similar to cigarette smoke. This gives smokers the smoke containing nicotine they crave but without the need to burn tobacco-containing cigarettes.

Many smokers are already enjoying the advantages to the electronic cigarette. The range of smoking addiction varies from social smoker to regular smoker, but the risks of tobacco burning products remain the same. Thousands of smokers of all kinds have switched to e cigarette to “light up” with less exposure to burning tobacco. E cigarette smokers must keep in mind that although not a smoking cessation device, SteamLite e cigs do offer an alternative to burning tobacco found in conventional cigarettes.

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June 11, 2011 at 7:22 am

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