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The health Risks of Smoking

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The health risks of smoking—where should we start? The list of risks associated with smoking cigarettes is seemingly endless with death at the top of the list. Yes, millions have died because of the adverse effects of tobacco cigarettes. This is the primary reason for the surge of attacks and lawsuits against the tobacco industry in the past decade or so. Despite the risk there are still millions of smokers worldwide who either disregard the consequences or are unable to quit smoking.

The latter is mostly because of the nicotine contained in tobacco cigarettes. This addictive substance results in smokers coming back for more with some smoking a pack of cigarettes each day—maybe more. Between the tobacco and nicotine, thousands and thousands of chemicals and harmful substances are flooding the body daily yet the trend remains. Times are changing, though.

In recent years, the billion dollar tobacco industry is facing a threat to its capitalism from nicotine addiction and its monopoly of smoker habits. The electronic cigarette (E Cig) is fast becoming a popular and less harmful alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. E cigarette are far less harmful than conventional cigarettes largely in part to the tobacco and related chemicals found in the traditional cigarette.

Electronic cigarette circumvent this problem by simply not including tobacco in its design. The E Cigarettes is free of tobacco—thank goodness, because tobacco is a leading cause of not only death but debilitating health conditions and diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and respiratory problems. Smokers are at high risk for cancer of the lungs, throat and larynx along with diabetes and hypertension. This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but you get the idea. This is reason enough to make a switch to electronic cigarettes.

Besides the reduced harm, the E Cig also avoids another serious problem of second-hand smoke. The health risks are similar but now involve those around the smoker, including non-smokers. Yes, serious medical problems have resulted because of second-hand smoke which is so unfortunate since many tend to be non-smokers. Smokers of tobacco cigarettes are putting their family, friends and loved ones (and strangers) in harm’s way. This is so not necessary today with the E-Cigarette truly being a viable alternative to smoking. Smokers get the smoking experience without the health risks to themselves and others.

Knowing the health risks of smoking is hopefully sufficient motivation to truly consider the electronic cigarette as the smoking alternative it is. The growing advantages and benefits to the E-Cig are changing the perspectives of smokers and non-smokers alike.

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June 10, 2011 at 5:47 am

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